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Art festival at Genalguacil

Art is Everywhere in Andalusia


Art is Everywhere in Andalusia

31 July – 14 August, Art festival at Genalguacil

In a corner of the Serranía de Ronda / Valle del Genal is Genalguacil, a small village of barely 600 inhabitants where art, culture and nature merge to reach its maximum splendor. The celebration of the Art Encounters is one of the hallmarks of the locality, which has become an international event and unique in the world. Its birth took place in 1994 and began to have a biennial character, every two years, from 1996.

The main attraction of this town is that it is a “museum town”. Every two years, artists from all over come together here for a week to make different pieces of art that they will leave permanently exposed in the streets of the village. Genalguacil is, therefore, an open air museum, and walking through its cobbled streets one finds paintings on the walls, sculptures, carved trunks …; Which are integrated with the environment (like a sculpture of an old woman under a slope, which is called Until the bun of so much cost). Every detail (house numbers, street names, seating benches, fireplaces) is somehow somewhat artistic or original, turning the streets into an authentic museum hall.

Genalguacil welcomes, once again, the spirit and the creative force of very different artists coming from the most disparate places, animated by the common goal of offering the best of themselves. The dynamics are simple. The Town Council of the town is responsible for the cost of support alongside the accommodation of the artists whose projects have been chosen. In exchange for this, the creators leave their works as legacy in the territory where they were made. Cooperation and coexistence linked to culture and art. Currently there are 123 works that, depending on their characteristics, are located by the town or by the Museum of Contemporary Art ‘Fernando Centeno’. The streets of Genalguacil become an open-air museum that leave the visitor the mark of a creative and spiritual memory.

Free Buses from Marbella, Palacio de Ferias, to Genalguacil

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