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Communal Living Retreats


Get Away from it all in our Stress-Free Zone… soak up the sun and breath in the Nature with our Communal Living Retreats!

Self-Indulgent Communal Living Retreats giving “Happy Vibes” inspiring you for the future, while away from the crowds & snuggly nestled within the Marbella Hills!

Communal Lifestyle Retreats encourage our guests to take a step out of their normal routine by joining us for a month or more for “CoLiving” with likeminded individuals looking to live another lifestyle with healthy foods & uplifting activities in the sunshine.

Local Specialists offer Pre-Organised Activities** ranging from Country Walks, Sports, Yoga, Cultural visits to Local Cultural Points of Interest, Flamenco Night, Cooking Class, Wine Tasting, Dance Classes, Excursions, Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath & Meditation, and lots more.

Healthy Breakfast & Dinners – dining on a delicious healthy cuisine, freshly made using locally sourced ingredients. We are growing our own quaint Vegetable Garden with Lemon & Pomegranate trees, so you may have the delight to enjoy even more closely sourced produce 😊

Every meal will indulge all your senses with an exciting mixture of Moroccan, Thai, Vietnamese, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Ayurvedic delights.

Meal times are either indoors around our rustic wood table or out on the main terrace with the best views of Marbella & beyond.

Healthy breakfast and dinners are offered 5 days a week, leaving two days a week the opportunity to adventure out and discover the delights of the international restaurants in Marbella & the surroundings. The Urban Villa can always organize something tasty as an extra, if you prefer not to go out and to eat at “home”.

CoLiving with likeminded individuals can lead to possible new friendships, learning from each other through Cultural Aspects, Discussions, Philosophising, Anthropology, and much more depending on who comes to the table.

Our Retreat has been adapted to the Communal Living Style to avoid the present risks of crowded & public places. You will be staying with only a few guests in a spacious Villa with complete privacy in your own suite but at the same time not feeling alone. Even when we are completely full, you can still getaway to your own personal space away from everyone to self-indulge in some well-deserved “me-time”.

These Retreats are perfect for both male & female, if you are on your own, with a friend, your partner, a group of friends, ideal for the digital nomad & those who work remotely.

We recommend a 30-day program

We invite you to stay for a month as we offer discounts and incentives for longer stays. Weekly payment plans accepted, and weekly programs are available.

The Urban Villa

It is a special energetic place protected by the surroundings of Nature, Mountains & Sea! … and yet, we are not far from local villages including Marbella and places of interest if you desire to step out and explore.

Join our waiting list😊

**Daily activities are pre-organised and differ each day for 5 days each week and change each week; the timing will change depending on the activity.

The Retreat includes daily breakfast, 5 dinners, 5 pre-organised activities & excursions per week which changes each week.

Communal Living Retreats at the Urban Villa🙏

Sample of Typical day:

**Sunrise Yoga (this activity will change daily, see below the different options offered for 5 days/week which change each week)

*Healthy breakfast taken together on the large wood table

*Free time for those who would like to visit places, chill-out in the villa or Finnish Sauna or may have brought their work with them.

*Inspiring Space to be creative with Music and the Arts or even try your hand at Gardening.

*Healthy dinner prepared by our expert Cook (Guests are welcome to join in making the dinner and can learn how to make healthy nutritional food)

*Dinner eaten together

*After dinner time for talks, philosophising, movie nights & stories. Unless an excursion activity has been organised such as a Flamenco Show in the Old Town.

**Different organised activities are offered each day and changed each week (5 activity package per week); the timing will change depending on the activity.

Communal Activities range from Country Walks, Sports & Water Sports, Adventure Activities, Conversational Spanish Class, Yoga, Cultural visits to Local Cultural Points of Interest, Flamenco Night, Tapas in the Old Town, Cooking Class, Sevillanas, Flamenco or Tango Dance Classes, Wine Tasting, Excursions, Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath, Breathwork, Meditation, etc.

The Urban Villa has Therapeutic Packages available too, where skilled professionals can come to the Boutique Villa Hotel and give you a Relaxing, Healing Massage either in your Suite, or on a private terrace with our stunning views. Therapies & Spa Treatments are charged accordingly, e.g. Aromatherapy massage with Hot Oils, Energy & Chakra Balancing & Healing Massage (we call him the “Magic Man”), Full Body Relaxing Massage, Reflexology, Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath & Various Beauty Treatments

Add your contact details for more information and to join our waiting list for our Communal Living Retreats 😊

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