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Virgen del Carmen estepona festival

Decorated boats and fireworks for Virgen del Carmen Celebrations

All the way along the coast on the evening of 16th July, fishing villages and towns will be seeing processions of boats accompanying statues of the Virgen del Carmen and fireworks displays in celebration of the Virgen del Carmen.

An evening to honour of the patron saint of fishermen, rafts decorated with flowers and carrying a statue of the Virgin make their way out to sea, accompanied by hundreds of small boats, so that she may bless the waters and bring them good fortune in the year to come.
Brass bands play, crowds cheer, rockets shoot off and fireworks fill the late dusk sky.

Virgen del Carmen








Estepona is a great place to see this annual celebration.

If you miss the 16th July event, head to Malaga on 20th July for their own interpretation of the event, where the Virgen del Carmen embraces all lovers of the sea – including scuba divers, who pay homage to an underwater statue of the saint.


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